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PIN Notice for the Development of Website for Postgraduate Courses in Clinical Pychology

The University run two websites:
https://www.leeds.ac.uk/chpccp/ which is a basic information site.
https://chpccp.leeds.ac.uk which is the fundamental IT tool we use to run our service. This is a bespoke site designed to manage our application processing: it is not simply a data-gathering “survey” tool.

The application processing website (https://chpccp.leeds.ac.uk) is running on out-of-date platforms (ASP and Microsoft Forms). These platforms are no longer supported by IT, are at risk of technical failure and security vulnerabilities.

The site needs to be redeveloped, hosted and maintained on supported platforms which can:

  •  meet new requirements and improve experience and functionality for users
  •  ensure GDPR data retention requirements can be met
  •  ensure accessibility standards are met
  •  make the site fully accessible from mobile devices

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Service: Web Development

Organisation: University of Leeds

Deadline: 20 Apr 2020

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