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RHO Cyclical Decorations

As part of a five year cyclical decorations programme for RHO, approximately 2386 properties within The Riverside Group and its subsidiaries housing stock are planned to have cyclical decorations works undertaken.
The general scope of works includes pre-decorating surface preparation (such as industrial shot and high-pressure water blasting), repairs & maintenance (such as TRG’s requirement to clear the inside of gutters of debris when painting fascia’s and soffits to assist TRG in reducing the number of overflowing gutters during poor weather conditions causing damage, leaks, and repairs), and internal & external decorating works (such as general painting, industrial and protective coating, application of stains & varnishes, paint & graffiti removal) to walls, doors & associated frames, windows, screens, roof timbers at eaves & gables, and metal railings & gates to Riverside Group Limited owned, managed or leased properties.

The Lot structure and estimated Lot Values are as follows:
Lot Number Lot Name No Assets Estimated Annual Value Estimated Contract Value
Lot 1 North 858 £75,000 £375,000
Lot 2 LCR 1324 £100,000 £500,000
Lot 3 South & Central 206 £25,000 £125,000

Contractors will be entitled to bid for more than one Lot, and may following the successful appointment of one or more Lots offer a discount to their tendered rates based on operational efficiencies and economies of scale, but this may not exceed their tendered rates.

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Service: Decorating Services

Organisation: Riverside

Deadline: 18 Aug 2022

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