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Minor Works Contractors Framework Agreement

RMBC Procurement is seeking suitable suppliers to support a Minor Works Framework Agreement.

Framework Agreement to serve all public sector bodies (and their statutory successors) and third sector organisations in Sheffield City Region LEP area (UKE3, UKF12, UKF13 and UKF15), but mainly within South Yorkshire, Derbyshire dales, Bassetlaw, North East Derbyshire, Chesterfield and Bolsover. as detailed in the procurement documents.

The works involved are principally general building works and new housing, including contractors design when required.

Estimated total Value £120,000,000.

Lot 1 Building Works 0 GBP up to 1 000 000 GBP. Estimated value £40,000,000

Lot 2 Building Works over 1 000 000 GBP up to 4 000 000 GBP. Estimated value £60,000,000

Lot 3 New housing up to 25 units. Estimated value £20,000,000.

Duration of Framework agreement is 48 months. The framework has an option to extend for a further period of 2 years.

Subject to the technical and financial capability and capacity of applications it is envisaged that 12 contractors will be appointed to Lot 1 and 12 contractors to Lot 2 and 12 contractors to Lot 3 of the YORbuild3 Minor Works Contractors Framework Agreement South Area.

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Service: Construction and Repair/Maintenance Services

Organisation: RMBC

Deadline: 17 Dec 2021

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