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Loneliness Covid-19 Fund

The expected outcomes of the fund are:

  • effective, targeted relief for those most at risk of loneliness as a result of Covid-19
  • contributing to the evidence base on Covid-19 and loneliness. This includes the impacts that measures such as self-isolation and social distancing are having on loneliness, particularly amongst vulnerable groups, as well as identifying ways that charities can adapt to manage social distancing requirements while still supporting social connection

This funding is for services that:

  • can demonstrate their ability to reach people in ‘cold spots’ where informal neighbourly support and small local charities are not able to fully meet needs around social connection, both via digital (telephone and online) and face to face provision, while respecting social distancing guidelines *serve the needs of groups particularly at risk of loneliness, including those noted in ONS analysis and Community Life Survey and Active Lives Survey data
  • continue, adapt or expand existing provision where there is a track record of successful delivery. We are not looking to fund innovations through this programme, although we are interested in adaptations of existing approaches in line with social distancing rules, particularly where these will build longer term resilience in a community (eg by equipping older people to use digital services), will benefit from the work of volunteers and/or involve collaboration in the interests of beneficiaries.
  • cannot be provided without this additional funding. The final stage of assessment of applications will include looking at the financial position of those applicants that meet all criteria, to judge where government funding is most needed. The award is subject to scrutiny of your full and complete accounts as part of due diligence to assess long term sustainability coupled with the requirement for imminent need.

Services must meet all of these aims to be eligible for this funding.

To find out more see: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/5-million-loneliness-covid-19-grant-fund/5-million-loneliness-covid-19-fund-guidance-for-applicants

Location: UK

Value: £1m

Deadline: 29th May 2020

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