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Learning and Evaluation Partner

The Co-Op Foundation’s invitation to tender is now open to become our ‘Space to Connect’ Learning and Evaluation partner.

We’re inviting organisations to tender for a contract that will help us learn how to maximise the use of community spaces to tackle loneliness and build connections.

Match-funded with government as part of our Space to Connect partnership, our contract will ask organisations to:

  • Draw together existing community development knowledge and learning and package it in accessible ways for dissemination to projects
  • Work closely with grant-holders to help them tell their stories, understand emerging learning and share across the fund to help shape work
  • Create iterative summaries of learning across the programme, drawing out key lessons from each phase which can be used to support, influence and inform projects and leave a resource for the future
  • Analyse evidence from the fund about the overall impact that maximising community spaces has on the fund’s ultimate goal of supporting social connections to reduce loneliness.

Up to £160,000, including VAT, is available. We aim for the contract to start in October 2019, and run to June 2021.

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Service: Evaluation Services

Organisation: Co-Op Foundation

Deadline: 30 August 2019

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