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Farm and Land Management Advice Framework

The purpose of the Framework is to provide clear, accurate and targeted advice, training and information to farmers, foresters, other land managers, their advisers and communities on environmentally sustainable land management, so that they are better informed to make business decisions that maximise outcomes for the natural environment.

The main objectives of the Framework are to:

  • Provide advice, training and raise awareness and understanding of environmentally sustainable land management and associated farm infrastructure;
  • Improve the level of skills to allow farmers/land managers and associated individuals to deploy measures to improve sustainability and efficiency;
  • Support the maintenance and improvement of natural capital;
  • Provide an integrated, consistent, targeted, high quality and cost-effective service to farmers/land managers, including their advisers and communities.

The Framework will encompass a range of advice themes, detailed in section 2 below. Where appropriate, advice will be offered that integrates across themes and supports climate change adaptation and resilience as a cross-cutting theme, be delivered both on-site and through events and be locally tailored. Access and signposting to advice will in most cases be through a single service portal which may also form part of the Framework. Providers should note that the scope of the Framework may widen its range of themes in future years.

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Service: Farm and Land Management Advice Framework

Organisation: DEFRA

Deadline: 02/04/19

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