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Alternative Learning Provision DPS

Doncaster Borough Council is seeking to appoint a range of Contractors able to provide Alternative Provision for children and young people, aged 8-19 many who are not able to attend their usual school or setting many of whom have severe difficulties in managing their emotions and behaviour.

The successful applicants must be able to appropriately meets the needs of pupils and enable them to achieve good educational attainment, which is aligned to that of their mainstream peers. The successful provider must also be able to supplement learning through the provision of a broad range of holistic interventions

The Council is proposing to appoint Contractors through the application of a modified Dynamic Purchasing System established under the Light touch Regime.

The DPS will consist of 3 Lots:
Lot 1: Provision to promote engagement and/or reengagement to mainstream school
Lot 2: Provision to support Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Lot 3: 5 day SEMH provision

Contractors are invited to apply for one, more than one, or all Lots.

The Dynamic Purchasing system for the supply of Alternative Provision will be initially 36 months in length, with two further optional 12 month extension periods, subject to the provision of available funding and the strategic priorities of the Council

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Service: Educational Provision

Organisation: Doncaster MBC

Deadline: 31 Aug 2021

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