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7 Benefits of Using Our Tender Checking Service

March 28, 2017

Everyone wants to take advantage of opportunities to help their business grow, generating income and securing employees futures. Tendering for contracts provides just such opportunities, however the process of completing tenders can be daunting.

No one enjoys the prospect of preparing a tender:

  • downloading, reading and understanding the documentation;
  • writing responses that answer everything the tenderer needs to know;
  • identifying the perfect USP to ensure you stand out head and shoulders above the rest

and all of the above needs to be succinctly communicated within a pre-formatted document that has word limit restrictions and needs to be submitted the day before you go on holiday!

As this is not part of your everyday job this task often becomes relegated to evenings and weekends. Not giving this critical task the necessary time and thinking space it needs could reduce your chances of a successful submission.

At FCS we offer a tender checking service that will support you in the process and improve your chance of success in this competitive field. There are many benefits to using our tender checking services, however we have identified the 7 key benefits of using our tender checking service as follows:

  1. Improved Time Management – we will work with you to develop an application timeline. We work back from the deadline to ensure sufficient time is allocated to the process. We ensure your eligibility before the application process goes any further and that necessary pre-qualification questionnaires have been submitted before developing a time based strategy for creating the tender. Improved time management means that you can manage the time needed to focus on other day to day business areas more effectively.
  2. Reduced Workload – by outsourcing an element of the preparation process the resources dedicated to this process are reduced and can be diverted to other pressing business activities leading to increased productivity.
  3. Less Stress – our support means you are not alone in the challenge of preparing a tender. We are able to check through your application and highlight areas where responses can be improved supporting documentation is required, check that all the required responses are completed, and by developing a timeline for submission, ensure the process is managed and not left to the last minute, or the opportunity missed altogether as the challenge of the application seems too great and slips down your ‘to do’ list.
  4. Confidence in your submission – we will help you to make your application the best it can be. Our checking service involves us considering your application in draft format, then as a critical friend help you to understand the information the tenderer requires and how to develop your response to address this. We can also check that the application is fully completed prior to final submission. This gives you the assurance that you will not be disqualified for a minor technicality.
  5. Access to our extensive knowledge base – collectively we have over 30 years’ experience of supporting businesses in the tendering process working with a variety of businesses across many sectors. We can draw on this breadth of experience and apply our knowledge to your application. Not every application is successful but we have learnt to identify the necessary attributes a successful application needs. A managed approach and tendering expertise leads to an improved chance of success.
  6. USPs to make the difference – by initially drafting and writing the application your responses will – communicate your passion and enthusiasm. Your input is invaluable to this process. However we can offer a professional approach and can suggest additional details or further information to ensure your response best respresents your business, it’s the small details that you may overlook that count. We can help you to extract these details that make up your USP and in addition we can incorporate aspects beyond the business. E.g. aligning the proposal within regional and national strategies
  7. Cost effectiveness –Through decreasing the time needed in the tender preparation by outsourcing an element of the preparation you are able to focus on other business revenue development areas. Through submitting a quality application you can increase the likelihood of contract award and additional income being generated.

If you have a tender to submit and feel you would benefit from having it checked by our team why not contact us and we will ensure your tender has the best chance of success.

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